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Script / Project Development


We use a few tools for script development. Table readings, formal readings, staged readings. We direct and cast all readings giving the writer an opportunity to see and hear their story. Table and formal reading rates begin at $250.00 

Budget and Scheduling


A top sheet for presentational purposes as well as a detailed budget showing exact figures and vendors. A well thought out schedule that will match the budget precisely.  Cost for a 14 day turn around  for scripts under 100 pages: $1000.00. Rates for stripts of 100 pages  begin at $1250.00.

Film Production


To and Fro Productions will take your ideas and turn them into reality. We are a full service production company with the ability handle your entire project from pre-production to post. Please contact us for rate information.


Directing-Film-Theatre- Music-Videos


Following our theories on storytelling, our directors use all the elements of a film to achieve the end result that moves the audience. The individual story of the script, characters, cinematography, and scenery are brought together to get a complete, well thought out project. We can take the whole project on or can come in and doctor aspects of a project to bring them to fruition.




For every film that To and Fro has worked on, we have been a fundamental part of casting. We have access to a large variety of actors to support your production's needs.

COVID Compliance Officer


Full Covid Compliance officer services 

Giant Vs. Giant will keep your set safe and your production on schedule.




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