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Giant vs Giant

Certified Covid-19 Compliance officer service

With more than 50 years of collective production experience, we offer a unique blend of safety and production productivity in this ever-changing covid environment.

All of our officers are certified through, Health Education Services

For quotes and information please click ~Daniel Phillips & Cedric HIll

FILM PRODUCTION Covid-19 Protocol


What we offer:




  • Work with the production company to develop a Covid-19 Protocol. 

  • Work with production to limit crew size, 

  • Work with production to spread prep and shoot out to multiple days to limit personnel exposure. 

  • Work with production to have outdoor base camps/dining / and gear storage 

  • Procure and assure that PPE and sanitation supplies are available for the duration of the shoot. 

  • Plan with the production management team. 

  • Covid-19 Compliance Officer’s Pre-Call Time (We suggest 5-minute intervals)

  • Staggering of essential personnel. 

  • Issuing of COVID-19 information via email to all personnel. 

  • Send out a screening questionnaire before the shoot day. 

  • Send Screening Protocol with Call-Sheet 




  • Be the first person on set (pre-called), and be present during all working hours. • Screen all pre-called crew before they enter a location. 

  • Set up COVID-19 signs and social distancing before the general crew call. 

  • Ensure Hand Washing Stations and hand sanitizers are located around the set in abundance before the general crew call. 

  • Screen all cast, crew, and clients as they enter a location. 

  • Set up social distancing guidelines 

  • Walkthrough rules with cast, crew, client, and visitors during morning Safety Meeting 

  • Have hand sanitizer inside and outside of bathrooms for hands to be sanitized before and after using the restroom. 




  • Create a roster list of all on-set attendees per shoot day. Everyone who steps onto the set should be listed for reference. 

  • Min 3x a Day - disinfect high-touch points surfaces 

  • Enforce social distancing. 

  • Assure good ventilation of location – open doors, windows. 

  • Staff monitoring: 

  • Masks are continuously worn properly. 

  • Food/beverage consumed in designated locations 

    • (Snacks and breaks can only be taken in designated areas with adequate social distancing.)

  • Sanitation of equipment. 

  • Screen all cast and crew halfway through the shoot day screen for any new potential symptoms. 

    • (These should coincide with lunch breaks and afternoon break with the adequate time given for full set scanning. This time should be added into the schedule to not subtract any break time.)

  • Report to the producer any non-compliance issues. 




Assure crew sanitizes all equipment being packed away or being wrapped. 

  • Assure all walkie-talkies and batteries have been sanitized. 

  • Coordinate outside janitorial company to come in for deep cleaning and sanitizing.

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