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KIrk Johnson was born on the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. He spent his early childhood there until the late seventies when his family moved to the Bronx. It was in the Bronx that Johnson first recalls learning valuable life lessons that would endlessly serve him. He graduated from Cardinal Spelman High School and attended Brooklyn Technical College intending to major in Paralegal Studies when inspiration knocked on his door.

Johnson was working part-time at Tower Video when he realized his love for film and filmmaking as a career path. Enthusiastic about his new career choice, Johnson switched colleges and began attending Brooklyn College. While in school,

Johnson devoured all the lessons of cinematography, editing, writing and theory, frequently digesting literary works, ancient history and philosophy for appetizers and desserts. In 1998, he formed a short-lived comedy team that combined stand-up comedy with video skits, many of which were written and directed by Johnson.

Johnson moved on to directing short films and in March 2005 one of his works, Strokes in Harmony was accepted in the Trenton Film Festival. Later that month, Johnson was presented with the opportunity to join forces with longtime colleague, Cedric Hill. As Artistic Director, Johnson researches new business opportunities and oversees all technical aspects of To and Fro Production’s operations.


“The prospect of working to build a vibrant, fearless enterprise was too enticing to pass up. Not only do we create art but we’re building a company. The potential is boundless as is our creative energy,” says Johnson.

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